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1 The neighbourhood

You get up to no good-You're the talk of the neighbourhood

2 Emotional aa

Hold on help is on its way!
3 Sound of music Sympathetic symbiosis, stop the action, change the focus

4 Everytime I talk to you

I know what you're going through
5 Missing full moon Where can we find our true face

6 The jackal screams

life is simple, the Jackall screams
7 Lime cool misty grey Lime cool, misty grey, warm heart make me stay

8 Razor jane

Razor Jane, she kisses and she cuts

9 All for nothing

Why one magpie all the time?

10 A true romance for our time

The magnet pulls you in Makes a fist of your dull pretention Steals your life by distracting your attention

11 Spiritual sky

Rahu will swallow the moon, it's going to be dark at noon
12 Fire From the Rig veda the path of the human being from birth to final destination
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