Celladore release 'Friday in December' single featutingCarol Rockey released on June 1st 2020

Big Chief Mkuja release Rats Arse single on 5th December 2018

Santa's lost his sleigh Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws Cristmas single 16th Dec 2016

Big Chief Mkuja's new single Surprise released on 4th December

Subtle bodies 1981 ep Can you be creative on a bus released 4th December

Fish Tails Retold Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws released July 21 st 2015 

Big Chief Mkuja Twelve Braves 2013 remastered released 10th Nov 2013

Big Chief Mkuja release single 'Train Song' Sepember 2012 

Album release ' Iceberg ' Big Chief Mkuja's second album Sept 2012 

Christmas single Black Jack Raven Christmas Balls(Everybody Likes it) Dec 2011

Mermaid Video by Big Chief Mkuja video released  dec 27h 2010

The Fish Song Video starring Leslie Kidd Smith released 24th Feb 2009

'Santa's lost his sleigh' Christmas song released by Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws Dec 2008

Cow release Below Album Feb 2008

Black Jack Raven Retreads July 2008

Doctor Dick diagnoses murder video starring Leslie Kidd Smith realeased Jan 2007

Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws single Doctor Dick/Fish Song released 2006

Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws single Rattle of Empty Heads released 2005

Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws album Fish Tails released 2004

Twelve Braves Big Chief Mkuja debut album released 2002