1972 album by Celladore titled 'Your Crystal Mind' to be released later this year.

Celladore featuring Carol ARockey SINGLE RELEASE  'Friday in December' recorded in 1972 to be released on June 1st 2020

Big Chief Mkuja  release 'Ratsarse' single on 7th December 2018

Big Cheif Mkuja are working on a new live album and a new Album as yet untitled but with some amazing new songs! Can't wait

Work has begone on the Subtle bodies album project read more

Ricky Raven and he Jackdaws Christmas single 'Santa's lost his sleigh' Out Now

We are happy to announce that Big Chief Mkuja's new single SURPRISE has been released

New instrumentation and production by Fred R-fantastic job,also two live acoustic tracks;

Surprise and Razor Jane.

Subtle bodies 1981 Ep Can you be creative on a bus has been released 4th December

available on Itunes here


We are very excited to announce that

FISHTAILS RETOLD album is to be released on 21 st July 2015

Ricky Raven & the Jackdaws 2004 album remixed and remastered. Available to download on Itunes, or listen on Spotify and most other streaming platforms.

dr dick.jpg Dr Dick diagnoses murder. Be enthralled by the dramatic tale of Dr Dick who witnesses a murder and jumps to the wrong conclusion . " Dr Dick diagnosed me dead. I think you've made a mistake- I said, dead people don't get out of bed"

fish.jpg Listen to songs about spiders, songs about fish, and songs about frogs . Even David Attenborough would want to hear these.

"Fish that used to swim in the sea now boil in a vat of burning fat "

only too.jpgOnly too well-Shock and Awe. Listen to a song about Britain's aggressive military interventions featuring Tony Blair on on weapons of mass destruction. Shock and Awe indeed!

Fishtails Retold is an album of unique alternative rock with a touch of country and a hint of grunge.